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Posted on January 28th, 2010 in Personal

Are you actively searching for a job right now? Well,  if you are in the Philippines, you probably are. Unemployment rate is terribly high in our country. A tiny country that is overpopulated, with thousands of informal settlers (that’s how they call it now) – this is to be expected.

Education has become even more important because almost all jobs would ask what an applicant’s educational attainment is. If you are looking for a high paying job, you should be a graduate of at least a bachelors degree to get into the competition. I have witnessed this battle before when I was starting to look for a job and job hunting before was kind of different now. Before, graduates of ordinary universities were not even given chances to apply into some companies. Their job ads would even clearly say “Graduates of ….blah blah”. But now, school doesn’t matter for most companies. You can even say it’s a fairer game nowadays.

So if you are on a job hunt, here are the top 5 free iphone apps for job searching and some tips for you:

  • Prepare a Good Resume – you will have to sell your skills so prepare a good one. Resumes are not simply personal data. It should contain your accomplishments and milestones in your previous career and if you are a new graduate, in your studies and OJTs. There are even individuals offering tutorials on how to create resumes so check them. They will surely be helpful.
  • Search Online – with the internet getting all famous, jobs are now posted online. Go check job openings from all job sites and apply to the jobs you think would fit your qualifications. Online applications also save you money than walk-in applications.
  • Prepare for Interview – if you are called for an interview, be sure you are ready before going in. Study and think about the things that may be asked and practice how you should answer. Be sure to have a business attire ready.
  • During the Interview - be honest, relax and answer truthfully.

Whatever happens after the interview will all be up to you. Whether positive or negative result, everyone should keep on going. So don’t lose hope. Tomorrow will always be a new day. Good luck on your job hunting.

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